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Global EEE and 3Elm Education and Training Are Bringing the Global Electrical Vehicle Grand Prix to Abu Dhabi Again

On March 18, 2023, students from 15 schools met on a track on Hudariyat Island for the first Electrical Vehicle Grand Prix.

This year on March 2nd, the second Electrical Vehicle Grand Prix has more than doubled the number of schools participating in its competition.

Approximately 500 high school students from 28 schools are participating! Twenty one of these schools are located in the UAE.

Coming after the amazing progress around the development of electrical vehicles made at COP 28, the EVGP orients students in an important area of sustainable growth. 

As I participated in COP 28, learning about the exciting developments in electrical vehicles, I kept imagining how our students will contribute to the discussion on the future of mobility.

The UAE EVGP programme is one of our flagship projects at 3Elm Education and Training because we believe in creating hope for the future through education.

3Elm Education and Training works with employers, schools, students and their parents to help people figure out how to fit into the jobs of the future. Through collaboration and competition, by learning about new ideas and technology together, by educating by doing, the process of building the electrical cars in the EVGP program brings out the best in students.

As students participating in the EVGP have told us time and again, this competition changes what participants want to do with their lives and how they want to do it. 

The electrical vehicle competition is also invaluable as a way to bring awareness about electrical vehicles to parents and communities. It starts a discussion and opens the space for use sustainable, green energy to power mobility.


About EVGP

The EVGP Program is a seven month long programme in which secondary school students are introduced to all components of building a reliable electrically powered vehicle.

The program aligns with the Abu Dhabi Ministry of Education mission to support students who are able to innovate and compete globally. The organizers also support the MOE values of inclusion and science, technology and innovation.

The organizers have provided free kits to schools and participants who could not otherwise afford to participate.

In September, participating teams received a big box, the kit. They also received competition guidelines, and access to a project management tool tailored to manage the EVGP project. The coaches and advisors of all the participating teams met at NYU Abu Dhabi and the competition officially began.

The kit includes a frame, electrical and mechanical parts—imagine an IKEA box but inside are all the parts for a fully functioning, single person, electric motor powered, three wheeled vehicle.

As long as the school teams adhere to the competition guidelines and rules, they can change the vehicle design to gain an advantage and win. The guidelines are strict and strictly enforced to allow for safety and make sure that all teams are on equal footing.

Members of the Global EEE and the technical team have been visiting each school and helping as mentors and guides. On the days before the competition, the Global EEE selected team will inspect the vehicles the teams have built and manage the race.

At the Grand Prix the team which builds a reliable innovative car which can complete the most laps in thirty minutes will win.

While building the vehicle, teams of students from across interests in the school communities come together. Students who are interested in media tell the story of the team on social media. Students interested in design and art create the look of the car chassis. Students who are interested in engineering put the car together, and those interested in computer science program the car.

Overall, this is an experience in effective project management and teamwork which is integral as students learn to innovate and compete globally for spaces in universities and to join the global economy.

Now the race day is near and the teams are working on finalizing their vehicles and trying desperately to understand how it all comes together.

About the Author and 3Elm Education and Training

Lina El Labban Lampkin serves on the board of directors of 3elm Education and Training consultancy. 3elm is an independent educational support service that assists, guides and mentors clients, from all socio-economic backgrounds, who have the right aptitude to make informed choices that will ultimately connect them to future growth and professional success. We have decades of experience in education as well as strong relationships with top training providers around the world and this provides us with an in-depth understanding of the upskilling and reskilling requirements.