About Us

3elm is an independent educational support service that assists, guides and mentors clients, from all socio-economic backgrounds, who have the right aptitude to make informed choices that will ultimately connect them to future growth and professional success.

We have decades of experience in education as well as strong relationships with top training providers around the world and this provides us with an in-depth understanding of the upskilling and reskilling requirements.


Why we are different

Unlike some companies, we are independent, so our advice is completely impartial. Our services are open to everyone regardless of socio-economic background however we actively seek out clients that exhibit aptitude in five key areas: resourcefulness, connectedness, capability, purpose and with a sense of culture.

Most importantly, we work with individuals more deeply and for longer: engaging with them earlier to better identify their growth needs.

We understand that education is a powerful tool that can change lives!


Our Mission

To provide the best, personalized educational and training services to all individuals that maximizes the opportunities of growth within their current or future careers, in line with future employment trends, both locally and globally.

Our Vision

To bring hope to people through educational and personal empowerment, growth and development



Hope. It is such a small word, and so often it is such a small thing.

Hope is measured through thoughts, words and actions.

Hope is not the loud bragging of success or fortune, but the whisper of potential that drives us forward against seemingly impossible odds.

Hope is what stops us from surrendering to the darkness.

Hope encourages us to run when we are too tired to stand.

Hope gives form to our dreams and ambitions.

We live and work in hope.


How we will work with you

We work with you to deliver results both personally and economically that bring hope to individuals, their families and community. The global and local education systems and careers have been changed forever by Covid 19. If navigating the wide range of education systems, tests and higher education facilities was complicated before, it is now, through online learning, travel bans and fear for the future, even harder to understand and evaluate.

Guiding you through these processes and providing each student with the tools for success is the daily motivation behind our education services. The only barrier to working with us are your own dreams and aspirations. If our values match yours then we will do everything in our power to make your educational needs work for you

Future Focused

We continuously track global labour market needs so that we can advise on the areas of study and qualifications that will be most in demand in the future.

Coaching Led

No-one likes to be lectured. We work with you to help you reach potential you already have.

Results Driven

Whether it’s acquiring the skills you need to grow professionally or finding the future talent for your business, we deliver on our promises.


Working with students

Here is how we will help and support you:

Unlock your potential:

The most important step you can take in your education journey or career is finding the hero within... and our counselors will help make this possible.



When it comes to choosing the right higher education facility, you can count on us. Our professionals will assist in getting you accepted into your most suitable and preferred higher education institution and If you are unsure about what your future hopes are, we will advise you on the best combinations of exams and courses you should take.


Once you have identified your super powers (others see them as "just skills"), we will create bespoke coaching programs that will facilitate achieving your education goals.

We will make sure you are equipped for future market employment trends, both locally and globally.


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Working with Parents

If you are a parent who is worried about the future of their child, rest assured our services will help you:

Understand the benefits of the various different education systems so you can make informed decisions about the benefits of different higher education systems.


Guide your child to decide what is best for their future. This assistance will be with you throughout their education, from Grade 9 through higher education to their future career choices.

Remain updated about the future job market with our accurate and well sourced reports and news coverage that will focus on local and global education and employment trends.

We will help you pave the way for your child to have hope for its future.

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